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    Excellent Flies and Larvae Controller Fly out controls the growth of fly larvae by blocking larval metamorphosis

    Herbal Ingredients having anti-fly larval properties.
    •    Natural and eco-friendly compound with long lasting residual efficacy.
    •    Controls larval metamorphosis of fly and thereby provides an immediate reduction in fly population.
    •    Tensionless handling and application and fully safe to farm rearing animals.
    •    Reduces noxious odour in litter and maintains dry and  odour free litter.
    •    Provides a peaceful environment for the birds and workers in the farm.
    Chicks, Growers , Layers & Broilers
    100 ml per 10 lt of water (600 ml/10,000 birds capacity shed)
    Breeders : 600 ml/2000 birds capacity shed.
    Directions for Application:
    Dilute 100 ml of FLYOUT in 10 lt. of water. Spray the diluted FLYOUT solution uniformly on litter with a power sprayer for better dispersion.
    Or as advised by the Veterinary Consultant.
    Packing: 1 lt & 5 lt


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