Hi-Tech Pharma is a growing and agile entity. Emerging from this state of the enterprise is our avowed commitment to innovation, relevance, adaptability and sustainability. If these values are on the customer facing side, towards employees and our stakeholders it is about empathy and alignment with expectations on a continuing basis. Value systems are hard to comply with, but if you are young and energetic like Hi-Tech Pharma, they become the bedrock of the company and its future.


Innovation is our agenda. Spanning the gamut of products, processes and the very approach to new product development, this value is actually a continuing journey. It is the common thread in our ability to understand customer requirements, our chemistry and even in the way our employees interact with the machines and each other. For instance, when the finished product assays do not match the expectations, it is a combination of a proven quality checking method and innovative solutions that solve the problem. Innovation in the core technology and ingredients is for us a knowledge uplift. This is an outcome of the ability of our scientists and the R&D teams to think in a way that helps the customer’s businesses. Science and know-how become relevant when it gets welded and tempered with the spirt of ‘applied innovation’. There is more than one facet where you can see it at Hi-Tech Pharma.


Relevance is the other side of brilliance. It is the start point of any action at the company. Relevance also earns better ROI both for the customers and us. Over the years through small nudges, big ideas and drastic process re-hauls we have made relevance a key business ingredient. It is what helps us make the best choices. Suppliers, products, processes and markets all stem from our ability to be relevant and meet the expectations. There is one other aspect to this value that of staying relevant on a continuing basis. How does one do that? By listening, thinking, mining the archival insights and lastly having an undying passion to be the company of choice for every stakeholder. That then will be the testimonial for relevance.


Adaptability is actually a game of agility and perhaps foresight. Agility in the context of bringing about change at an accelerated pace, or having the knowledge and intellectual bandwidths to say find a substitute for an ingredient. Adaptability at Hi-Tech Pharma wears different hats. On the market front,  it is about costs and efficiencies that drive our adaptability engine. On the R&D front,  it is about bringing in global benchmarks and processes to catalyze the scientific temper with an eye on improving the productivity of our customer’s businesses. At the floor level,  adaptability seems  to be a part of daily regimen. Employees and machines, employees and their colleagues – it is all bound by a circle of adaptability.


We work with Nature. Water, Earth and Animals are part of our business ecosystem. Our sustainability efforts have seen our R&D work with the least polluting alternatives. Drumming up projects and ideas for incorporating truly biodegradable ingredients and animal-friendly products that do not trigger genetic malfunctioning or habitual hardening of the digestive and reproductive systems. The growing food plate of the world further reinforces our commitment to the use of responsible and sustainable practices that support the creation of avenues for better living. This can happen when we are able to provide qualitatively better food and more nutrition to the animals that go onto the dinner plates of the world. We are doing our bit.