The poultry industry is a demanding and growing one. While one can cite attractive numbers on the per capita consumption of eggs and the demand for poultry meat, what is of critical importance to feed manufacturers is high quality, well researched and biologically sustainable feed ingredients and diet formulation expertise. Needless to say that retail  trends and customized requirements also go hand in hand with Hitech Pharma’s approach to this space. Add to this our accumulated understanding and expertise in the poultry sector. We have an exhaustive comprehension of the nutritional needs of many breeds of poultry at each life stage. Our products not only optimize the production of the flock, they impact the egg productivity and ensure that environment is kept at enviable levels of hygiene and care. Leading poultry producers also recognize our ability at providing effective disease management solutions.

We provide base mixes, pre-mixes, concentrates and complete feeds.At the foundation of our poultry programme is an insightful approach  and a diligent creation of baseline nutritional profiles  for all poultry species, classes and production types. These profiles cover the gamut of energy, amino acid and phosphorus requirements as well as ingredient constraints. Our team of PhDs and R&D have a deep understanding of the specific nutrients and animal metabolism which allows the team to formulate relevant and adaptable nutrient models. Proteins, amino acids, phosphorus and energy metabolism – all have models which in turn help us create the right kind of mixes for businesses which have a clear understanding of their production goals.