World Class

Our Feed Supplements are delivered with an enviable degree of consistency in the available nutrients required by the animals. Easier said than done, this commitment perhaps requires a unique set of tools and well thought methods. We endeavor to reach a level of consistency that the tools themselves seem to blend seamlessly into each other. For us at Hitech Pharma the tools are in 2Ms and 2Ps. Materials, Machinery, People and Procedures. 2M+2P = Hi-tech Pharma quality. Any good feed quality-control program contains two components:

Ingredient quality;
Process control;

Ingredient quality

It makes abundant sense to pay attention to ingredient quality. What is quality? Quality has been defined by various individuals as “fitness for use” or “meeting an expectation” or “degree of excellence or “conforming to a standard.” We understand ingredients in terms of analytical values and second in terms of physical and/or sensory characteristics. The first depiction describes ingredients in terms that analytical chemists understand, while the second describes ingredients so that process & Q/C personnel can make decisions about ingredient quality.  In a very real sense, the ingredient quality begins in the mind of our suppliers. Our efforts are therefore to enlist a bouquet of suppliers dedicated to quality.

Process Control

The process by which high-quality ingredients are made into high-quality feeds involves three components within the feed mill: personnel, machinery and procedures. These are “blended” together towards the goal of efficient production of high-quality feeds.  Our people are interested, alert and work in teams with a common commitment to quality and timelines. In fact, at our plants when an employee discovers a deficient ingredient, he is recognized for a job well done. Our decades of accumulated experience and a dedicated technical team ensures that our equipment is properly selected, maintained and ensure that plants work to their capacity.  Our procedures have been conceptualized to quickly identify the problem and trace them to the source. Records ensure that the diagnosis and solution are documented and the learning curve is short. Other process control measures encompass a robust batch system validation.