Companies do not exist in isolation. Industry and customers more often than not determine the trajectories. At Hi-Tech Pharma, our belief has been that we begin with an idea and grow it into a customer-facing solution. That has been the common thread across our various industry verticals and the internal processes, which determine the overall output.


Feed industry is a challenging one. Especially when you see the diversity of customer needs and the natural barriers that growing animals pose to the farmers. Here when we talk innovation it is a kind of a plan for the various facets – from the complete creation to the last mile delivery process. We are aware that many of the species have complex life cycles beginning with the fragile larva/ chick stages. Growing means a nutritionally dense, digestible ration with very specific physiochemical requirements. If this is one stage, the later could be that at the juvenile stage the feed and the environment has to supplement the natural productivity. Growth diets means focusing on cost efficiencies. The direct consequence of that being the search for better and alternative raw ingredients, stage supplements, ingredient pre-treatment, gut environment modifiers and enzymes. All of which impact the ROI of the farmer. Our innovation philosophy therefore has these and more facets in its radar. We have a sound and fundamental understanding of the physiology and the nutrition of the animals. Running alongside is the empathy for business gains for the customers. Add to this the accent on sustainability and escalating prices… You really have to possess an innovation engine that balances quality with cost. Hi-Tech Pharma’s forays have also been in the areas of probiotics and production technologies. Innovation is an ongoing commitment at Hi-Tech Pharma.


Over the years, we have evolved into a provider of integrated bio-solutions that span the aspects of nutrition, environment and health management. Our journey has been to position ourselves as a possible, single stop provider who has with years of accumulated experience harnessed biotechnology, nutrition and animal physiology with care and insight. Today we have over 80+ products that address the diverse needs of the poultry and aquaculture entrepreneur. How did we grow into this role? What qualifies us to say that once you come to Hi-Tech Pharma chances are you will meet all your aqua feed and poultry needs. The answers to these questions on one hand are simple – knowledge, industry focus, scientific methods and a need- based new product development

Programme. On the other, it could be as complex as developing new raw ingredients, experimenting with the existing components and materials but innovating them with newer inputs, which in turn meet industry needs. For example, stability in water, solubility, gut acceptance and longevity of the animals could all be complex areas, which require an inimitable approach to create an integrated product range. Our product range and customer base are testimonials to this integration philosophy.