Our plants are geared to produce and supply standard off the shelf products. Where required, products are packed under a stream of nitrogen gas. For large farm owners and premix formulators, we can formulate feed premixes as per customer’s requirement. Premixes and probiotics are two large streams of manufacturing for us. Plants are custom designed and we can seamlessly be your one stop supply point for a range of feeds and ingredients.


Hi-Tech Pharma can supply all kinds of feed premixes. Depending on the specific customer requirement, we can supply premixes blended with the best possible ingredients and are all delivered under our GMP+ quality certification program. Our premixes are consisting of stabilized vitamins, nutritional available minerals, trace elements & additives and amino acids – all sourced from world’s best manufacturers, as per your requirement. Click here for our Premixes


Microorganisms are naturally present in the digestive system of the animals. Using probiotics can help supplement the beneficial bacteria in the intestine and competitively exclude the pathogenic bacteria. These bacteria also release enzymes, which help in the digestion of feed. The concept of using probiotics or direct fed microbials in animal feed particularly poultry and aquaculture has become increasingly popular. The common organisms in probiotic products are Aspergillus oryzae; Lactobacillus acidophilus, L.bulgaricus, L.plantarium, Bifid bacterium bifidium, Streptococcus lactis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. These products can be administered through water or incorporated in the feed. Probiotics have been particularly useful in the early stages of chick growth since the gut of the newly hatched chick is sterile and administering

probiotics through water at this stage helps to build up beneficial bacteria much faster than the normal course. The most important quality parameter of probiotics is that the Vegetative or the spore forms have to be viable to be able to multiply in the gut. Secondly, they should be resistant to antibiotics, which are administered so that, the gut ecology could be maintained. Genetic engineering would help develop probiotics with special properties like secreting enzymes and vitamins in large quantities. Such products would be the future generation feed additives. Probiotics have also been used in a big way as pond cleaners in aquaculture. Probiotic bacteria directly uptake or decompose the organic matter or toxic material and improve the quality of water. The microbial cultures produce a variety of enzymes like amylase, protease, lipase, xylanase and cellulase in high concentrations than the native bacteria, which help in degrading waste. These bacteria have a wide range of tolerance for salinity, temperature and pH, which usually exist in aquaculture operations. The use of antibiotics in aquaculture is banned due to rejection of export consignments of marine products. Hence, usage of probiotics is propagated to counter the effect of viral and bacterial infections in commercial aquaculture. The pond probiotics also have a special blend of denitrifying bacteria that remove the algae’s primary source of food, nitrogen from the water. This drastic reduction in nitrogen concentration makes it difficult for the algae to bloom. The balance between phytoplankton, zooplankton and beneficial bacteria during culture period play a crucial role in the maintenance of pond health. Our probiotic products stabilize water quality, improve pond bottom quality and support the gut health of fish, shrimp and chicks, thereby improving performance and efficiency in production. The main benefits from this range of products are:

  • Improved growth and health performance
  • Better survival
  • Stronger localized immune response
  • Enhanced bacterial floc formation
  • Improved water quality
  • Reduced pond bottom sludge
  • No negative side effects, no withdrawal times

We manufacture a range of Bacillus and Lactobacillus based feed probiotic solutions and Silage inoculant solutions.

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