We are an agile, knowledge-driven, industry focused enterprise. By implication, it means that our philosophy, infra and processes work within a customer-facing umbrella.

Companies do not exist in isolation. Industry and customers more often than not determine the trajectories. At Hi-Tech Pharma, our belief has been that we begin with an idea and grow it into a customer-facing solution. That has been the common thread across our various industry verticals and the internal processes, which determine the overall output.

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Our plants are geared to produce and supply standard off the shelf products. Where required, products are packed under a stream of nitrogen gas. For large farm owners and premix formulators, we can formulate feed premixes as per customer’s requirement. Premixes and probiotics are two large streams of manufacturing for us. Plants are custom designed and we can seamlessly be your one stop supply point for a range of feeds and ingredients…

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Feed manufacturers have to strike a balance between short term and long term priorities. Glance at our mission statement. It broadly states, we should provide customers efficiently manufactured feeds. All of them correctly delivered to with an enviable degree of consistency in the available nutrients required by the animals. Easier said than done, this commitment perhaps requires a unique set of tools and well thought methods. We endeavor to reach a level of consistency…

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